Oceantur Sportfishing Azores

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Oceantur Sportfishing Azores
 Oceantur Sportfishing Azores
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Welcome to São Miguel Island , welcome to Azores !!! The Oceantur offers you a boat with 33 ft (10 m) , the ” Rabão ” , equipped to offer you a comprehensive program of maritime activities designed to give you a great day of fishing or tour where you can see magnificent cliffs and deserted beaches on the Azores. The name ” Rabão ” is internationally recognized for its navigation capabilities and the luck that brings to the occupants in the catches by the seas of the Azores , completely renovated with two new engines with a total power of 460 hp , top electronic equipment for navigation and detection of the fish , fishing gear from international recognized brand ” Penn International ” and lures from the best brands ( Moldcraft , Blackbart , Braid , Fronteira , etc , etc ) is possible to travel between the various groups of the archipelago Azores quickly and above average comfort since ” Rabão” dispose of two beds on the front , kitchen and bathroom . We offer you a team experienced in all parameters related to fisheries ( Trolling , Big Game and bottom ) and ride with expertise over years of experience in various aspects proposals. The Azores sea is rich in various species of fish that can capture in bottom fishing or trolling the coast , beyond the frequent viewing of several species of dolphins and whales that enrich a unique experience of fishing in the transparent seas that the Atlantic lard the Azores. Welcome aboard !!!
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