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     Sandy Pirani

    Hello! My name is Sandy, I'm 25 years old and I'm currently studying at the University of Siena.
    I am looking for a large single room for 5 or more months. I'll be moving to Malta from 8th October as Erasmus student but actually come to thesis research (attending the last year of university). I am a quiet and precise girl and I do care about the cleanliness. I do not smoke and I'm going to concentrate on studying because I graduate in April but I also want to implement my English so I'm looking for an apartment with a few flatmates with whom to practice. I am looking for an apartment near the university (if it's possible!!! ), please contact me if you have any informations. This is my contact: [...].
    Thanks for your attention and availability.
    I hope to read you soon!
    Have a nice day,