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Voluntariado en Buenos Aires en un hogar de niños

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REF: HSC01P_ Help children in an orphanage

Come and help children in an orphanage to give them the opportunity to learn things, to smile, to play, to grow up as children usually do.


Organization of workshops
Assistance and help to the representatives for the NGO
Participation in events organized by the NGO
Adapt yourself to the needs of organism


The orphanage was created in 2001 and 21 children and teens live there (male and female). A team of volunteers and professionals is in charge of these children 24/7. The main goal of the NGO is to help the development of children : fisical development, psychological development, moral development, cultural development and also social development. The team wants to optimize the habilities of each children on the long run.


With responsability


Location: Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
Minimum duration : 2 times/week, 1 month
Start date: IMMEDIATE

Send CV and cover letter to [...]

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