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Good school to learn Czech in Prague?

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Hello, I am moving to Prague soon and I would like to learn Czech, could you advise me some good language school? Btw, is it hard to learn it? So far, it looks incredibly difficult...
Thank you!

  • Charles Ball

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    I also recommend Czech language training - I've been attending their lessons just for few months, but in that short period of time my czech level improved a lot!
    When i attended my first lesson i was barely able to say "jak se mas?" but after a really short time i could have a conversation with a czech person (non-english-speaker) so i found in CLT the push i needed!
    the teacher is really great, patient and funny, she is able to make the time fly away very fast while teaching the very difficoult czech grammar :)

  • Profil uživatele Mark Black

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    try Czech Language Training - - I´ve been learning Czech there for some time, and I am very satisfied with this school. Nice teachers, fun lessons, and of course mainly - great improvements. And what´s more - you can try it for one month only and see if the school suits you.

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