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When you travel to China for sourcing suitable products, visiting factory/suppliers, business negotation, exhibitions or travel for holidays, an experienced business interpreter & assistant is very important as it will save valuable time, make your stay in China more comfortable, overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap.

It's not easy to find a trustable and experienced person from internet to work with, especially for your important business, but no worries, we are definitely reliable.

We are professional China interpreters!

With 8 years working experience in interpretion and foreign trade, we am very familiar with the foreign trade business procedures. We believe my previous working experience could be helpful to you.

Generally,we can assist you as below.

1)Interpreter & translator in China and peripheral areas, or trip to other cities.

2)Transportation arrangement, such as hotel reservation, book airplane tickets,guide for personal shopping, guide for tour.

3)Guide for business to the wholesale markets and manufacturers,negotiate good prices with suppliers.

4)Orders follow up, Inspection, Shipping arrangements, Handling export procedure, make and post shipment documents to buyers.

5) Source new products and suppliers.

6) Help to solve the orders problem in process.

Hope can help you! If you need any business interpreter service,please feel free to CONTACT US now!

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