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Cuban Cigars in Jinan

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So my wife and I have been living in Jinan for the past year and have had a wonderful time exploring the city, as well as other destinations around China. I'm an avid cigar smoker and have had a chance to sample some of the Chinese Great Wall series, but I'd certainly like to find a place in the city where I could find some Cubans. So far I've had no luck, so I stock up whenever we travel to Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong. If anyone has happened to come across any, could you please let me know?

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    I am coming to Jinan in August and need any advice you could pass along. I will be in Jinan for about a year and really could use a friend or two. I don't have any comments about cigars for you other than the original ones from Cuba. Hard to find them here in Michigan. I will look for you and bring them if I find them if you would like? Evelyn

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