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How to avoid scams in Gambia?

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I heard that in Gambia some people are always trying to find a way how to get money from tourists and foreigners. I heard some frequent scam stories which lead to people getting robbed... My question is, is there some way how to avoid being scammed by the locals and still stay polite and maintain good relationships with locals?

Thanks for the tips!

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    My Dear friend, Thank you for asking that question. I want to tell you The Gambian people are very nice and they feel thrilling when they meet new people. Anyway, not all people are equal, but most of the people who are scamers are not Gambia, but they are foreigners.
    Any where in this world you meet bad and good people. So my advices to you is that if you go to Gambia try to meet someone who you trust and you trust yourself also.

  • Hedda mohamed

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    Hi Ulrik
    best way to be away of that it's if you have someone from there that you trust for like 100% and ask him to be with you When you have something imported to Do or that need money So like he can understand the language he will inform you
    Wish you a good luck there

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