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I'd be glad to meet English mother tounge for language exchange Ita/Engl

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LOOKING:I' m italian and i'm looking for a person with who to make exchange conversation english/italian (ps.only free). i've been studying english for 8 months you can send me a message.

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    come stai
    i want to learn italian because i m fond of italy
    and i want to travel there to complete my eduction
    i live now in egypt so we can get in touch with by email if you dont mind
    i want to learn vocabulary and verbs and tenses

  • Giuseppe Sestito

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    I'd be very happy to learn Italian
    Why do you want to learn it?
    where do you live at the moment?
    I hope to hear from you asap?

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    thats very good for an italian person
    i ve been learning english 9 and i still learn it
    i learn german as well but i want to learn italian
    if you ont mind can you teach me italian

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