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Hi everyone,

I've recently started a food import/export business with my partner in Lithuania and wanted to ask for some tips regarding business etiquette and so on - what are Lithuanians like when doing business with foreigners?

Also, if anyone wonders, it's possible to open a company distantly and and start the business immediately when you come to the country. It was a discovery for me. If anyone's interested, here's a link to a website I found and contacted. They registered a company for me distantly:

Looking forward to hearing tips from you.

  • Bextol  Anderson

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    It takes two weeks for a new company registration or shelf company transfer, in most cases. However, the set-up or transfer process will take up to 15 business days, if the shareholder of Lithuanian company is an overseas corporate entity
    VAT registration requires up to 1 month in most cases (Lithuanian tax authorities may request additional information)
    For a ready-to-use bank account a minimum of 15-20 days is required. (Account activation is possible only upon receipt of the required information and hand-signed application forms)

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