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    Well Lithuania is a really great country so you should definitly take this opportunity to discover it, especially if it's in the capital, Vilnius. (smaller cities can be boring for expats as they are really little)

    Lithuanian are people quite cold at the beggining but once you will begin to know us, I am sure you will love us.
    If you move there, I will also advice you to learn some lithuanian, it's better to communicate.
    I also hope you love basket, it's the second religion of our country!

    Otherwise what else do you need to know... Like that I don't know ;) I think there is not so much specificities in Lithuania.

    Don't listen to Daniel H, Lithuania is not changing bad, it's the contrary! Young people here are really open on the world and really friendly :) The only problem is that too much are going to live abroad but otherwise the rest is great!

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