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    I have no idea with what kind of ppl U r interacting, but with all respect I can claim that U r wrong about this "racism" thing. The only nation lithuanians r feuding a bit r the Polish. And not because They r hated for the Nationality,it's because They r trying to overstep laws of Lithuania and create theirs.They r still claiming,that "Vilnius is 4 the Polish!". So i think anyone in that kind of situation would defend the capital and identity of lithuanians. In fact, in our country there r so many immigrants,different cultures that we r even not noticing them - They r like any other person. And look to the Universities - they r full of exchange programs,that widens up ppl's mind..The question is the how did U survive here 10 years and did not left if "we r such rasists"? U r living here, so please be respectful and don't say that we hate "all and everybody". It's a total nonsense.

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