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Are you coming to Guadalajara?

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anyone coming to GDL? let me know. I can show the city, give ideas, etc.
Saludos desde Guadalajara.

  • arturo martinez

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    Hi dear Cathy,
    I am from Guadlajara, maybe I would like to help you to find some options in this city, could be so fantastic to know people like you, so when you get here send me a message to get in contact, ok?..........well hope see us soon.


  • Profil uživatele Cathy Liu

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    Hi,friends, I plan to go to Guadalajara, and i want to stay there for a longer time, so anyone would like to tell me how i can find a job as a Chinese teacher there? so that i could support my living there. thanks.
    My email: [...]

  • Andres Ortega

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    Claro, solo enviame detalles de como quieres que sea tu depa, zona, costos, y te busco la informacion. para que te la pases super bien...

  • Profil uživatele virginie le baler

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    hola andres, que onda!! me llamo vrginia, soy francesa y pues ya vivi en guadalajara pero regreso en enero a buscar un trabajo, un departamento, todo eso, si tienes algunas ideas o pistas, seria chidisimo!!!!
    hasta luego y gracias

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