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Looking for advice and to make friends with English speakers in Athens (20-30…

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Hi everyone

I am moving from UK to Athens in the next 3 months to live with my Greek boyfriend (why else?) and am looking for any advice anyone has for me! And also would like to make some new friends.

I am very excited and scared at the same time about the whole thing but it is better to regret something you have done than have not!

I think having my independence when I am there will be important for me to be able to settle in so that's why I am trying to network and find some friends to meet up with!

I am 21 so would like to meet friends around my age from 20-30. My boyfriend is 30 so I have friends around that age too.

I have just started to learn Greek and it is very difficult and frustrating so I really need people I can relate to and speak English with when I or they need to. I have been to Athens about 5 times now and although I love my boyfriend and his friends I sometimes find myself sat there like I am mute listening to them all chatter on in Greek and end up getting quite bored then anxious and then upset. Obviously I can't expect them to speak English all the time cos they are Greek.

If anyone wants to chat or exchange stories and experiences give me a message! We can look out for each other as foreigners in Athens as from what I gather, reading all these blogs and forums, foreigners are not well received in Athens - especially when they are moving over to live with their boyfriends - they see you as a joke and don't think you'll last - but I hope to prove those presumptuous people wrong.

Over and out!

Jo x

  • Tatti Karoll

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    Hi Jo!

    I've got the same problem like you have...moved to Greece 4 months ago and I'm still stuck learning the language cuz it's really hard and getting frustrated o.O
    Would be nice when you answer me here!

    Greetings T@tti

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