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moving to Spain

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Hello ,
I've just found this very helpful website and I'm hoping to meet some new friends who may be able to give some good advice on relocating from Australia to Spain.

  • Robert Edwards

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    For relocation advice, town guides, videos, blog, sales and rentals east of Malaga, try LPG Spain.
    We're here to help:

  • Tency Tupper

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    Hey there, here is a website which helped me find a home:
    The people treated me like family. I highly recommend them
    for the Malaga porvincial region.

  • Profil uživatele john townsley

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    Thanks for your Email Natalie, I have only lived in Australia for 12 years and as I am now retired ,I would like to live in Europe again.
    I hope your move to Spain goes well.
    Keep in touch

  • Natalie M

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    Australia to spain, wow thats definately a change. How come you have decided to move the Spain? I will be moving to spain early next year, can´t wait!

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