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7 Safe Driving Tips for When the Fog Rolls In

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Fog season is upon us. We’re greeted every morning with a thick blanket of fog that whilst being incredibly atmospheric, can be hazardous to our driving routine. Whether we’re just going to the supermarket, or planning a road trip, fog driving is no joke. 

It even doesn’t matter if you’re a driving pro, as the drivers around you can put you in harm’s way. Our fog driving guide is made to ensure you’re aware of the best practices to follow for such situations.

When it gets hazy, remember to follow these tips, so you get back home safe and sound.
Turn on your low beams and fog lights.

This is the critical first step to follow when driving in fog. It seems obvious, but many people don’t really heed it. We’re conditioned to use our headlights on full when there’s low visibility. However, when it’s foggy, that’s an absolute no-no. 

You must turn on your low beams and your fog lights to ensure that you remain visible to other cars around you. You can direct check by click on link Hyundai Repair Dubai

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