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Moving to Syria

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Hi, all,
I am just back from Lebanon and Syria. Visited Homes just for one day. Now I am thinking to move to Syria. What the situation with rent, home and office, in biggest cities. Any international schools (for 9 y.o.). Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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    Salaam Mr.Hashem Abdou

    We are a family of 6,from South Africa,4children,2 adults.
    we would like to move to syria what is the situation with regards to obtain a flat to rent,at least a 3,4 bedroom flat and later buy a house.
    position for school dont have to be international schools?
    What is the situation with regards to obtaining permanent residence permits,also r women allowed to drive in Syria

    our first choice city in Syria wud b Aleppo,
    many thanks

  • Hashem Abdou

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    Hi Julia,
    Acually, am living in Damascus, which is, you know, the biggest city in Syria. So, i'll tell you the real situation in it.

    If you wanna rent an apartment with: 80 square m, without furniture but with excellent physic situation, nice view and in Damascus itself (out of the old city), this will cost you about (500- 1000)$ a month. Otherwise, for renting in the old city, there are not an independent apartment but shared home, i mean, neither with several rooms and shared facilities, nor tow apartments participate the same space. So i think that the old city is not a big deal for the family because you have to live with another family(ies) in the same place. Anyways, one room will cost you about 200$ and about (400- 600)$ per month for an apartment. This situation will not be better in the suburbs, one apartment of (80- 100) square meter will cost you just about (500- 700) $ a month.
    For an office, in general, the fees depend on the location regardless the physic situation or other condition. So, 50 square meter with two rooms and small garden, this will cost you between 700$ and 1100$ per month.
    In concern to the international schools which taught in english, in fact, as i know, there are just three: the American, the Canadian and the Pakistani School. To get more information about all of these schools and their registration fee, I advise you to connect the website of each of them. Sorry!

    Please, don't hesitate in asking me anything.

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