3rd Port Finance International Casablanca 2016


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20 190 Rue Sidi Belyout, Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco Map

PFI Casablanca will bring maritime, transport, infrastructure and industrial experts together to look at how Morocco is maintaining as a heavyweight hub for trade growth and logistics competitiveness.

Across 2 days of plenary presentations, panel discussions, and keynote sessions, PFI Casablanca 2016 will place a spotlight on the developments and growth plans in the region and Morocco’s position in all of this, by bringing together over 150 experts from all parts of this value chain - government bodies, port and terminal operators, transport operators such as shipping lines, logistics, and manufacturers - from throughout Morocco, North & West Africa, and the Mediterranean.

Building on the discussions during PFI Casablanca in 2015, which was held under the Auspices of Morocco’s Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, PFI Casablanca will provide a platform for discussion, networking, business development and an exchange of learning and dialogue with potential partners and business contacts.

While transport within Africa itself is important, so is getting the continent connected to the rest of the world. That’s where gateways - such as ports and terminals - come in. Ports are by far the most important entry point to the African continent with most goods travelling by ship, but there aren’t enough ports to handle existing traffic, much less allow for growth. That’s set to change.

North Africa is quickly becoming one of the most vital regions for growth in the transport and supply chain world, with significant investment from both government and foreign entities. With 20% of the world’s maritime traffic passing through the sea-lane, recent developments in Tanger-Med in particular, have once again reiterated Morocco’s leading position as a bridge between Europe and Africa. Shipping times have been cut in half thanks to the developments in this transhipment hub. Already connecting around 160 ports in 60 countries, it is predicted that by the time Tanger Med

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