Learning & Development to attract and retain talent MasterClass


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Do you face challenges to attract or retain talent? An effective L&D strategy will attract and ensure an engaged workforce. An engaged workforce not only goes the extra mile or recommends others to join your company, they are also constantly improving their competencies.

If L&D Management can help you overcome this staffing challenge, how does a 21st centuryL&D Management look like today?

Covid-19 has recently shook us and put us in motion. The learning landscape is evolving: moreand more companies are embracing online learning. Hybrid learning programmes and virtual classrooms are being organised everywhere. Flip learning is knocking at the door as well. The lessons learned from the “voice of the customer”, the war of talent and society changes force us to thoroughly question the traditional learning.

But how do you get started? Or how do you reinvent it to stay competitive? And what are the key success factors of a performant L&D Management in this new era?

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 Krashan Segar