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internet broadband in Australia sucks big time.

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Just moved to perth few weeks ago.and I am really shocked how backword the broadband services,god...
there is no unlimited services here,all the IP I called they can't offer you an unlimited broadband.the best one I got is 100GB from telstra.the cost 128 dollars.and after consuming my limit ,it will go down to 64 sad.!!!
Living in England with unlimited broadband plus free calls to any where to the world ,cost less then 50 dollars a month with talktalk.
And with the new coaltion might come to power,the prospect even look very gloomy indeed,as they will cut cost to fibre optic programmes to only 10 billions.and the best you can get is 12 MB to 25 MB by 2016.just imagine the prospect of that?
Australia can do better than that surley......

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    well try searching dude =]
    they are great internet services..
    there are fibre optic internet connection...

    check this site for more info
    the 7th option is really cheap =]

    But 25mb is way too slow...
    now there are 40 gbps...
    thts way too fast.. lol

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