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"Ward's works are both part of a kind of unfolding visual alphabet and drawn, somehow, from an experiential territory shared by anyone who looks at them." Author and Curator, Ben Street

Discovering that collage is open to endless interpretation during his time at Winchester School of Art, Ward began creating works of purposeful contradiction. The title of the exhibition is a reflection of this. Ward explains "I am interested in words that have multiple meanings, multiple ways of being interpreted. I like to use a word that can be both a verb and a noun. Baffle means to bewilder or perplex, but it's also a restraint to block noise."

Presenting the different forms of art in one space allows Ward to experiment with how different approaches speak to one another. All of the works have been created using acrylic and/or oil paint on either paper or canvas.

The composite works, (specifically: Totem, Drift and Medusa) all started as separate shed paintings and were then brought together in the studio and worked back into as single compositions. Ward describes his shed as 'absolutely about production' while his studio is a 'space of contemplation' where the paintings are made.

The exhibition forces the viewer to see from various perspectives. While one work might veer between interior architectural space, another towards constructed landscape, and another seemingly close-up to the surface of still life, the person looking needs to mimic the role of artist as informer, disclaimer, interceptor and even someone who has bolted away from any particular direction, in order to take part. In turn, the exhibition is a completely immersive experience for the viewer challenging any innate perceptions and viewpoints.

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Artist: Henry Ward

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