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African American sister moving to Algeirs

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Asalamu Aleykum

In Feb my family will be moving to Algiers. I am so excited and nervous. My biggest fear is that I wont be able to adapt to the culture. I don't speak Arabic or French and I don't know anybody who lives in Algeria. My family is moving there for the purposes of work and to escape the mounting Anti-Islam fervor here in the USA. I want to know everything possible about Algeria, as I can not find a lot about it on the net. If you have any information that you can share with me, no matter how small it is contact me please. Jazakallah.


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    tell me wat is you problem may be i can to helpe you but speack me frankly
    thank's and good lucky

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    My message comes probably quite late but I still wanted to say good luck to you!
    Algerians are very friendly and faithful although people in big towns are kind of not so authentic, as is probably the case eveywhere else.
    u can learn arabic and french, a shool is also recruiting native speakers of english(hopeland academy in draria).
    the food is nice , vegetables, fruit, fish meat are delicious.
    u will hear the adhan........best wishes inshallah
    um zakaria

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    he hajer how are you good
    I. Do not be afraid of anything that this was the first visit you in Algeria, but I can help you Tell me what do you want to definitions for Algeria and I'll tell you in detail about
    Secondly, do not worry, Algeria is a wonderful country where the four seasons
    This telephone number 00213662392510 or e-mail that you want to Alaketoni
    Sami.sanaa @ yahoo.fr
    strtoflaot @live. fr or
    my skype imas_2009
    I'm waiting for you

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