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Will a foreigner be obligated to military service time of Brazil which is about 9-12 months if they have become a permanent resident or citizen of Brazil.

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    The military service is laid down in art. 143 of the Federal Constitution, which provides that "military service is mandatory under the law." Consequently, all the Brazilian male, in the year turns 18 years old, is bound to military conscription and can be called until completing 45 years of age.
    Brazilian site that has information related to brazilian citizenship

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    thanks, very descriptive and really helps.

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    apparently, all naturalized brazilians must subscribe to the conscription, up to 30 days after naturalization.

    this does not applies to permanent residents, etc. Only to NATURALIZED brazilians.

    Since every year millions of brazilians turn 18 and must subscribe to conscription, and the brazilian military can only support a few dozen thousand new recruits each year, in fact only a very small % of people who subscribe to conscription each year are called for their one year obligated service.

    all the rest receive a reservist certificate, and will only be called in the event of a big war (fortunatelly, Brazil took part in only 2 wars in the last 150 years... the Paraguay War and World War 2).

    Since only a small % of subscribers are called, the chances that a naturalized person will be called are indeed small, specially since the military, per definition, are "nationalists" are are not very fond of people born abroad, whom they may consider to not be entirely nationalistic, to be inside the military organization.

    So a naturalized brazilian will most likely be released from service and get a reservist certificate, along with other millions, some of which were even WANTING to be called to the military (since it pays), but were not called because they had asthma, or strong myopy, etc.

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