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Portable Beauty Equipment ultrasonic cavitation RF /RU+3

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Portable RF RU+3
1.cavitation rf
2.supersonic rf
3.slimming rf
4.multipolar rf break fat

Portable RF RU+3

Portable RF RU+3 Working Theory:

The equipment takes the strong ultrasonic heads to release 40,000 Hz powerful ultrasonic,speedy vibrates fattiness cells, produces countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells, makes the cell membrane produce the inner cracking, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycerin and free fatty acid, then under the power of vacuum,to exhaust them out through the liver sausage circulation, at last, uses the dynamical red photon and the oriented electrode to do skin tightening, gets the body slimming and beauty effects.

Using the exclusive radiofrequency technology and contact cooling system, can tighten and lift your skin obviously. RF produces heat when the tissues electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis. The RF device uniformly disperses the energy to three-dimensional volumes of tissue at controllable depths. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep tissues is thought to be the mechanism for immediate tissue contraction; subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles.

Portable RF RU+3 Features

1.Painless treatment focus RF energy at the correct position,compared to other radio frequency technology.RU+3 uses low energy and high frequency,safe and effective

2.Aim at the skin surface and deep location,using a complex method to control the different currents and energy,direct access to the different skin layers,the effect is visible

3.Selectively targeting fatty tissue,to avoid heating other fat,to achieve the fastest treatment effect

4.With the most useful 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system

5.Color touch screen

Portable RF RU+3

RU+3 can promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite, tighten the skin, strengthen the skin elasticity and so on. Its effect will last for a long time. At the meanwhile, it can enhance the muscle elasticity and improve the cell metabolism. It creates an effect like internal Explosion. It means that the expansion and compression of wave produce a lot of tiny space inside the liquid. The gas and vapour exist in these tiny space. In the compression cycle, supersonic wave impose a positive pressure on liquid molecule, whereas a negative pressure will be created through the expansion cycle. There is a cohesion effect inside the liquid or biological tissues. Inside the low-density lipocyte, the cohesive effects are comparatively weak. A negative pressure, which is relative low, can create tissue gaps easily. It is called as Cavitations in physics. The explosion effects inside and outside the cells will increase the molecular movements, so as to achieve an high energy state, then lead to the lipocyte cracking.

Portable RF RU+3 specification

RF frequency

Cavitation frequency


AC110V/220V 50HZ 60HZ

color touch screen


4 probes
dipolar RF for eye

tripolar RF for face

M1 ultrasonic and M40 ultrasonic

1.Multipolar RF&cavitation machine
2.Promote tissue metabolism.
3.Repel the cellulite
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    Despite ultrasound cavitation being great with minimal effects, you can still get side effects. Some most common include skin sensitivity, skin irregularities, headaches, bruising or redness, increased thirst, diarrhea, etc. can ultrasonic cavitation cause cancer|ultrasonic cavitation risks & side effects ? Here are the details: https://lumbuy.com/can-ultrasonic-cavitation-cause-cancer/

    Skin Sensitivity
    Skin sensitivity might occur due to the gel that experts apply before treatment. Also, the ultrasound technique of penetrating the skin layer can cause sensitivity. Itching or swelling may occur, but this is only temporary and will disappear after a few days.

    Skin Irregularities
    In some circumstances, the uneven fat breakage results in lumps and pimples on the skin. The body takes time to break down the ejected fat cells. Therefore, follow-up treatments can help with any bulges that remain.

    Headaches and dizziness are prevalent and frequent. These symptoms are the result of toxins secreted in the body. After cavitation treatment, staying hydrated and exercising can help flush the system out faster.

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