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Is it safe for a woman to travel in Beijing alone?

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Is Beijing a safe place for a woman who is traveling alone, especially if she doesn't speak the language? Are there any safety precautions, such as areas I should avoid?

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  • Angel S

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    Best wishes for you to enjoy life in Beijing, and Beijing should be safe but just don't go to places alone that is dark and with few people, and always take a taxi that is standard.

  • nicole G

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    Beijing is quite safe for any people who is friendly to others.
    so come and enjoy the delicious Chinese food .

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    it is very safe to stay in beijing,but there are just several thief,but if you could take care of your possesions well,,it is no problem.remember becareful of the long nails man,the man put their hands under the news paper.they might be thief.
    if one man looked at you for long time,or look at ur purse or bad for long time,he might be thief.some thief are well dressed.

    Anyway,recently there are some thief only steal the foreigners.so take care!
    Almost of the people in beijing are nice,so don't worry.u would not be dangerous.

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    At first.. China is very safe for foerigners ..so dont worry about that . and people dont want get troubes with foreigners..so i think Beijing is one of most safe city too.. anyway,, i also remind you that youneed take care of your stuffs as well.. china have a big population.. specially in capital beijing.. you may lost something if u go somewhere have lot of people....
    finally .. hope you have a nice trip in china

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    Yes ,Beijing is safe,I`m a local tour guide in Beijing.sometimes you should be careful of thieves when it is crowed .

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