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Recommend an app for learning Mandarin

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Hey guys!! I found this forum only recently and it looks pretty good to me. Since everyone is sharing something here, I would like to share something I came across recently.

FYI I am a Chinese language teacher with cell phone addiction. LOL
I found a new released app last week called ATM Chinese(http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/atm-chinese-traveling
At first I thought this app was related to banking or finance because of the name, ie "ATM", only later did I realize that it is for learning Chinese. I have recommended my students to get it. I found it quite similar to other apps on sale, but after giving it more time I found it to be a very practical tool for students learning Chinese. What's particularly useful is the way you can select various language responses according to different situations, as well as having a voice recording function. Well....take a look yourself see if it suits you!

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