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Having trouble adjusting to a foreign country. Help!

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I have moved to Costa Rica for quite some time now and I still feel like I am failing to get the hang of the Costa Rican life. I know that I am a foreign man in an unfamiliar land; I already have my citizenship yet I still feel like I am only a visitor. I have the trouble in communicating with the locals there and you can only imagine the struggle that I have trying to understand the people around and trying to make them understand me as well. How should I deal with this?

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    have you tried to join a class or group? for example dance classes, sports, apply on a course, maybe going to the gym? In Panama, I used to study and be in several groups. I used to play sports, I was going to the gym, and I had friend at college. In a certain time, I figured that I had a lot of social cycles and it really felt good. I had local friends and friends from other nationalities.

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