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AAFES only for military or open to all US citizens?

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Having moved to Wiesbaden a while ago but not being part of the military community I wondered if and how I could use the AAFES stores at Hainerberg. Obviously it is quite tempting to have stores just a stone throw away selling all kind of great stuff from the US, it would be very strange if there is not a way to visit them.

Any suggestions?


  • Stephanie Ann Fischer

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    hi there.
    can i renew my ID card alone?
    i gotone, cause my dad is in the army.
    but he lifes in america, and my card expired.
    cant i just go, and renew it on my own?
    does anyone now?

  • Jason Myszynski

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    You better meet someone in the military, because they will not let you on the base without a military ID or escort.

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