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Hi everyone!

My German husband and I have just moved to Bielefeld in April. As he is busy with his work on daily basis, I am looking to do some activities.. like Volunteering, Dance classes, Music classes.. etc. Perhaps also part-time work? I used to volunteer alot when I was living in Liverpool, England. I had lots of local friends! So I hope to do the same over here.. to make new friends. :) Anyone have any recommendations?

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    Hi Karla!
    Thank you for replying to me. Making new friends is always good for me! I have sent you a message. We can communicate thru there. :)


  • Karla Paes

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    Hallo Dini B! Wi geht's? :)
    Well...I just moved to here to study german and I don't know about jobs or volunteer but if you wanna one friend to go out or shopping or something you can contact me. I know is hard to move to another country and one friend is always welcome :)

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