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English Speaking Clubs

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Hello any Magdeburgians out there,

Are there any Aussie or English speaking clubs out there?

I've just moved to Magdeburg and would like to meet other English speakers.

Cheers, thanks.

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    Hi Karen and Danielle,

    I just moved to Magdeburg in March with my husband. We are from the USA and moved to Germany because we are looking for adventure and new perspective. My husband works at the University, but I don't have a job and am looking to get out and meet people. Unfortunately right now my knowledge of German is very poor, which makes it difficult. It would be great to meet with you. My email is laura.kristine.johnson 'at' gmail 'dot' com if you would like to contact me. I hope you are doing well and look forward to hearing from you.


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    Hi All,

    Moved here 6 months ago and have not picked up the language just yet. Would love to have a good old conversation with english speaking Germans or natives !! Working from home mostly so that has it trials when trying to meet new friends. Hope to meet some of you to help me pick myself up and get out of the house and also to try master this language , Karen

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    thanx for your invitation...........now, i will visit Australia for sure as you are there...

    By d way, i was there in Newzealand in january & in february - 2011.........

    do you have any plan to visit Europe again??????? if yes, then do inform me.....


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    I'm actually feeling better than I though about it, so don't feel bad.

    If you're ever in Australia, come visit!


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    Ohh !!!!!! So, sad to hear that...

    Feeling bad for u ... i can understand it as i also have broken up with my Girl Friend just 3 months ago.......

    But, you should have contacted me before leaving Germany....ha ha ha ha... :)

    Anyways, best of luck for ur new life, forget the past, live in present and enjoy at the fullest..........


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    Hi Kunal,

    Thanks for the invitation. I would have loved to but my German boyfriend and I have broken up and now, only two months after I arrived in Magdeburg, I am back home in Australia :(

    It really is a pity as I was looking forward to making friends in Germany.


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    about english speaking clubs

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    Hello Sagitte,

    i do not know weather there is any English speaking club here in Magdeburg or not?

    Ya, but we can form the small group and invite others to get to know each others as well...

    what do u say?

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