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Work in Magdeburg for an English IT guy...HELP!

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I'm moving to Magdeburg in 4 weeks (6th October) as my German girlfriend is starting uni there and I've got a bit to sort out.

I wanted advice on the best places for getting my CV out there and finding jobs, preferably IT (aware Monster.de was meant to be good one)

My German is still very basic (A1) as i've only been learning for 7 months, but I do work in IT in a technical support/helpdesk role. I was told that my lack of german is not too much of an issue, but then the agency turned around and said although my profession is needed in Germany I need to be at least A2 level qualified in ther German language.

I'm now desperately looking for an english speaking job in IT or whatever pays the bill to get me started as I'm there in 4 weeks time. I wish to learn German and take some exams, but I would plan on doing this alongside my job, or even if possible find and english job that will invest in me taking a german course.

I'm not to bothered about the finding a flat share as I'm managing to find viewings and I'm sure I can sort that part of it out.

Any advice or help that anyone can give is much appreciated :)

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