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how is system studying in Ecuador?

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I'm an italian girl, now I'm studying languages at the University,I attend the first Year and I'm studying English and Spanish, probably in six months I'll go to live in Ecuador (Sto Domingo De Los Colorados), and I want know what kind of University I can attend and how much is expensive?
I have another question.. I have the graduation ( diploma) of high school in Science of education, what kind of job can I find?

  • Melbin Joseph

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    The educational system is just horrible here ,
    Even teachers are having tuitions from other people here ...

    Well ..

  • Gehen Sie zu Oswaldo Ms Profil

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    Hi Valentina

    I work in a University here in Ecuador is called UTE we have a campus in Sto Domingo, maybe you can check our website for more information www.ute.edu.ec, with your diploma you cannot get too much jobs here but since you speak languages it will help to find a job maybe in an multinational company we have many here.

    Hope that helps.


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