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How cold does it get in Finland?

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I'm thinking of doing a Masters in Finland and wonder if there are any other expats that can tell me a little bit of how it feels to be living over there. Most of all - I wonder how cold it gets in winter? I've heard horrible stories about freezing cold winter - is this true?

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    July temperatures in Finland average 13 to 17°C. February is usually Finland's coldest month, with temperatures averaging from - 22 to -3°C. In northern Finland, winter temperatures often drop as low as -30°C or even down to -50°C, sometimes with strong, cold easterly or northeasterly winds.

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    Here is some information about Finland.

    The Finnish winter hardship depends where you are staying in the country (south, Helsinki area or west, Lapland). In Helsinki area normally -5 to -10-15. In Lapland normally -10 to -25-30 and winter months September-March.

    In the summer really good weather, beautiful place to be.

    Visit this links in order to get more info about Finland.



    Hopefully this will help you.

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    that's a matter of manners. For example, in your country gets cold more than Spain ;).

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