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Social benefits for the unemployed person

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I am living in Finland since 2002. I completed my Bachelor degree in IT and working in various IT companies. I have been always employed. So I never look for any social benefits. But now I am unemployed. Obviously, I am applying for new jobs. But for the time being to survive. I need some support. Let me explain my current situations.

I have Finnish citizenship. I am married. My wife is also unemployed. We don't have any children. But my wife is pregnant now. Expecting due date is the first week of May 2018. I bought an apartment on bank mortgage. At this point none of us earn anything and we don't receive any social benefits. I am doing an evening Master degree in IT. That is why I am also a full-time student. I didn't get any student benefit because of my full-time job.

We don't know what kind of social benefits are available for us. Could you please kindly let me know what are the benefits are available to us. How can I apply for it? What are the requirements? Thanks in advance!

p.s: I am not a member of any unemployment fund. So I won't get anything from there.

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