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thinking about returning to France after 21 years in the UK

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I arrived in the UK on the 1st of january 1988 on a motorbike with a couple of bags for a short stay to improve my English.
since then i got married, had 2 children ,bought a house and created a european removal business.

things are going fairly well and i can supervise my company from anywhere online.

we (my wife and I)intend to purchase a property in south charente, north dordogne or correze(where i originate from)with enough land to create campsite, activity and fitness trails and possibly an offroad vehicle recreation ground .(this will take some doing with local environmentalists) and possibly some storage for our removal business .
because we have vehicles between the uk and france twice a week ,it will be possible to open a farm shop with fresh supply of english product at competitive prices , (bacon, cheddar, saussages etc) i will post updates on the planning of it all on our company website as we go along ( www.rgtseurope.com )in the meantime ,let me know what\ you think and if you know of an old farm for renovation with 30 acres of land

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