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finding some friends

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Hi everyone, I just move to Nice 4 monts ago actually I am not in Nice near20 munites to Nice place called Roquefort, My work and my home is here so somehow I just can not meet anyone close to my age, before I come here they warned me that Nice is the place for people who are retired so there is not so many young people around..I am 32 years old and looking forward to make some friends have social life again , because its getting realy boaring here...its a shame because lovely place but without friends does not mean anything ..
So anyone from Nice or Cannes or Antipes please write me ..

  • Ivaylo Chividzhiyan

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    New Friends are always welcome!


  • kimo adam

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    Bonjour - Merhaba - Hello !

    We 'just landed' in Cannes as a young family and now busy making our nest.

    We are French residents and will start living full time here during the 2nd or 3rd quarter 2011 but we often travel between Istanbul and Cannes.

    Other than planning to get immersed into French language we are looking into meeting new -young- people, modern minded folk who enjoy life and all the treasures of French culture and Cote D'Azur.

    Belihiya M, I will send a message to you, size mesaj yollayacagim. Iyi gunler.

  • Jaro K

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    hi there...
    I've sent you a message earlier but I realised some of the info can be usefull also for other people...
    One possibility to go out and meet some people is cafe international in Nice. It's a simple meetup with people who would like to learn some French and also some English/Italian...
    It is totaly voluntary and free of charge. It is organized into two hours, where first hour is French speaking and second hour depending on demand/supply English/Italian or even other languages...
    It takes place every Wednesday in Librerie Liber The on 46 Bldv Carlone and usually it starts at 18:00.
    Other alternatives are Facebook groups or Meetup groups (simple straighforward registration). Both are organized by some ex-patriot living in area and could be a good opportunity to meet other people with similar interest...


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