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returning home

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hello I am a canadian citizen, currently living in Canada with my British husband.
We resided in England, myself on a visitors visa, until September of 2010.
We traveled back to Canada.
When I was in England I overstayed my visa by almost three months and was stopped in the airport while leaving to return to Canada in September.
They had written me up as overstaying, then let me leave.
They did tell me that I would have to apply for a visa from my home country, if I wished to re-enter the UK, and that they could not stop me from re-entering since I was married to a british citizen.
My husband and I would like to go back to england as soon as possible, to live permanantly.
I was wondering if anyone would have some advice on how we could make that a reality?.
thank you

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    why would you want to live in the uk please i am trying my hardest to get to canada do you have any friends that could help my application and i will do all i can to help you guys

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