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SCHOOL OF ENGLISH IN DUBLIN - CASTLEFORBES COLLEGE - http://castleforbescollege.com/

Castleforbes College is a friendly student oriented school operating in the vibrant scene of Dublin city.

English courses for all ages designed to develop the knowledge of the written and spoken language.
Young and qualified native teachers will aid your inclusion in this new situation through fun lessons that will ensure you enjoy your time spent at school.

Castleforbes College is located in the city centre of Dublin, just 10 min walking distance from O’Connell Street, in the heart of the city and the most famous meeting point the Spire. Positioned in a quiet and well organized area, you would have plenty of options for your lunch break, with many restaurants, fast-food, shops in the nearby area.

For any information please, send an email to: info @ castleforbescollege . com

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    Para visitar a Irlanda como extranjero y aprovechar el tiempo y tal vez alargarlo es recomendable asistir a cursos en las academias que ofrecen desde un ingles basico, hasta el certificado de aprovacion de la lengua con ella puedes conseguir inclusive una oferta de trabajo.
    Me gusto mucho esta pagina que conseguí https://inglesirlanda.org/vivir-en-irlanda-pros-y-contras/ porque te avisa antes del viaje las cosas que puedes y no puedes hacer como extranjero en irlanda, lastima que no lo consegui antes de mi viaje, me hubiese ayudado mucho a conseguir un mejor precio en otra escuela.

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