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Hi, i am an italian girl of 19, my names martina and i live in milan.
Im studying english german and spanish; i bet you all know that writing is completely different from speaking nd listening, and the reason im posting this discussion is that i have nobody to practise the languages im studying with, thus not helping me develope my skills and all :D

id like to know whether there is some girl here in milan who come from abroad who cant speak italian and is interested in learning as well, who could spend some time with me (i mean, watching movies or having ice creams -whatever ).

Hope to hear form you soon,

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  • alessandro piano

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    Hello I am Alex and I am italian. if you need some italian lesson I am available:-)

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    Hi, I'm sorry but I never happened to come over and see your reply to my post until now!, it was very nice of yours!
    Are you still in Milan? Have you learnt some italian?
    Hope to here from you soon.

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    Hi Martina

    I just moved here from England to become the Export Manager for a very famous brand of toys.

    I will be here for some time, and I need to learn Italian. I know that in your post you specifically asked for a girl however I can teach you British English to a high standard, I have no accent / dialect so you wont pick up any bad habits.

    I also write articles on business and travel for a publication in England, and if it interested you I could also teach you how to write to a very high standard, with a good understanding of the English language and its infinite amount of words.

    I live in Porto Romana and I also drive, so meeting elsewhere is not a problem, if that suited. I am free most evenings after work, although I do work quite late (I get home around 7pm-8pm).

    I am 22 years old and have spent most my adult life traveling around the world with work, I now find my self here and am hoping to meet people so that its not just all work!

    Let me know if you are interested, but all the same I understand if you are not considering your original post.

    All the best.

    Austen Smart

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