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Hello everyone I m, silvia i'm 20 years old live in Milan and would like to practice more to speak English! in exchange give Italian lessons! anyone interested please contact me as well! [...]

Ciao a tutti! sono silvia ho 20 anni e vivo a milano! mi piacerebbe parlare di più l'inglese per migliorare la pronuncia! in cambio do lezioni di italiano! chi è interessato mi contatti pure!

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    Hi Silvia, If you need to practise conversation you have to speak regularly on different topics.
    This will help you gain confidence , fluency and words power. The more you can speak, the better it is or the faster you acquire fluency.
    I work at the Airport at Linate and conduct also English lessons to some students during my free times.
    If you like to converse I may help you when I have some free time.
    Please let me know if you have any idea of organizing.
    With best regards,

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    hi, im moving to milan soon .im cosidering to live there. please tel me were in milann do you live? allso you can chat with me on MSN [...]

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