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    CRO - ITA

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    .., from whom did you heard those stories? From RAI?
    Multiple those 10 000 italians by 100 and you'll get on how many people italians leave impact during WW2 on Croats in Dalmatia and Istria...what do you think that italian fascist did during occupation of Croatia...what they said in italian paper or Tv?? Yes,they killed and ruined many lives here and when they saw first anti-fascist they ran like rabbits,.... we have those mamma mia stories for fun...;-)...
    ....and still there is some idiots in Italy that wanna claim parts of Croatia....
    ...and I'm from Split (not a Spalato ) so I know what is italians like... lets say that they are not favorite tourist ever ;-)
    special y when they expect that we know how to speak italian...never did...there is some old italian families so they can search for them....

    by the way is there any italian city with croatian language as second one official? there is italian in Croatia...Pula(not Pola) ,Rovinj (not Rovigno)....How would You feel if Wew rename italian cities??

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