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exchange your english for my spanish!!!

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Hi!!! I'm spanish girl, 24 years, and I live in Maastricht. I would like to improve my english and meet a different people!!!

If you would like to learn or improve your spanish... contact me!!!!
Or if you only want to meet a different people.. contact me!!!


  • Niklas Laub

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    Hi there, just found this add but guess I am 4 years to late or do you still give spanish lessons? looking forward to hear from you. Niklas

  • Brian :)

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    Hello, I am new to Maastricht and would love to learn a little Spanish, while helping you improve your English through conversation. I also like to travel. Talk to you soon. Brian

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    How are things going on in Maastricht?

    Are you studying here or working?

    Next March 21 , on the cinema lumiere there will be a symposium about expats in Maastricht

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    well my english is good enough to have a good conversation. In addition you can give some tips concerning maastricht.


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