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First steps when we will arrive in Eindhoven.

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Hi all,

I'm an italian IT professional and I planning to relocate with my girlfriend to eindhoven in a couple of months.
I would know what's the best order to organize the first steps once we arrived there.
Because we need to search a job and an apartment and we know that for both things it's necessary the BSN I'm planning this steps:

1) Look for a room for 2 people for a couple of week.
2) Call the tax office Belanstingdienst in order to get an appointment and the BSN
3) Open a bank account
4) Look for a apartment and stipulate a rental contract with the proprietary of apartment
4) Registration to the local town hall
5) Search for a job (hoping) and get a health insurance

In relation at point 1 I've a question : I've read that to get BSN the tax office needs a regular contract of rent of apartment, but for a rent contract we need a bank account and however we need the BSN first. This is a sort of loop!
So I can't understand what's the best order for these first steps.

Somebody can tell us what the best moves when we will come in eindhoven?

Any other suggestion is appreciated.

Bye all!

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