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    Hello. Everything depends on your plans for living, working and so on. Buying a house or an apartment in south or in the middle of sweden can be very expencive, on the other hand in the north you can get a nice house with a big garden for almost nothing. But the catch, as you might know, is that ther are not so many people living there, compared to the area...your choise. Check out http://www.hemnet.se (and have an atlas by your side as well...Here all houses, appartments and so on are registerd that is sold by a real astate agent.
    Important note: The one who sells the house pays the agent, not the buyer. Als count with some extra costs 2-5% to be on the safe side... There are also ways to find houses private - cheeper, but then you don´t have the help from the agent.

    Work is harder, as in the whole of europe, but it comes down to what you want and can do. http://www.ams.se have the info, and also the newspapers and so on.
    There are also "Schwedish for Ausländer" ("Svenska för invandrare") - courses to take, in some cases payed for by the ams. Send them a mail and ask.

    Good to know
    swedish people are generally:
    -always on time.
    -Polite, but hard to get a real contact with.
    -Affraid of using english, even though they speak it very well.

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