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Jobs in Belgrade

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Hi there,
I'm interested in any information about jobs in serbia, especially in Belgrade. Me (teacher) an my wife (Germanistin/Politologin) are looking for full-time jobs in any area. Thanks for your help!!!

  • Marius Marius

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    Salut Narcisa!

    As dori sa-mi dai cateva detalli despre cum e viata in Belgrad pt un roman. Prietena mea e de acolo de origine si uin curand o sa se mute cu serviciul. Ma intreb cu e piata locurilor de munca si daca este greu sa gasesti un job.Eu sunt 'credit analyst' pt o firma americana si lucrez in Praga in momentul de fata.

    Toate cele bune


  • Sis PL

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    @ Peter,
    I came across the ad by assosia.com - company that makes quality surveys. Try to write to them , I know they were recruiting people to work in Serbia. Give it a try, lack of knowledge of Serbian may not be an issue.

    If you need more info -> pm.
    I don't know the company, I'm not thier representative, I just came across their offer while searching for an expat job for myself :)

  • Peter Middleton

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    @sam hmm nothing yet i'm afraid just really been sending emails to anyone who will listen at this point. where abouts you looking for work?

    @Narcisa cheers for the advise i'll be checking that site shortly and i'll give you an update on what happens

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    im in a similar scenario to you are pal. have u had any joy yet?

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    useful job sites for expats looking for a job in Belgrad

    Aufgegeben von  Narcisa C in Serbien Forum  

    Hello Peter,

    I am an expat spouse myself and I would recommend checking www.englishlanguagejobs.com. Go to the Belgrade section.

    It is a recruitment service specialised in recruiting English speaking and multilingual staff and it one of the most widely used agencies by expats and expat spouses as is caters mainly for fluent English speakers. Any other additional languages are an advantage.
    Both applications to posted jobs as well as general applications are welcome.

    Good luck!!

  • Peter Middleton

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    hi i've just arrived in Beograd to living with my partner. Does anyone know of any jobs around the city for someone who doesn't know much serbian? Any help would be great. Cheers people

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    Here it is.



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