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New arrived and search for a job

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Hello all
am new arrive to Serbia , I knew speak Arabic, English and Germany .
I close my own Company in Syria because the situation there ,and now I search for any kind of Job ,
I pleased any one to help me with that .

  • Mohamed HajAli

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    Thx again ,I sent you my Cv ,

    please if u need more info let me update . :)


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    My mail is [...] You send me your CV and we find job for you :)

  • Mohamed HajAli

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    first I want thx you for your kind reply .

    I living in Belgrade ,
    if you like send your mail I can send you my CV to check it`s will bitter .

    Thx Again

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    First tell me where are you in Serbia and what's your profession :). We'll find something...

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