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Please help Setting up in Gran Canaria

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I'm new on here.

Ever since I started holidaying Gran Canaria 8 years ago, I've fallen more and more in love with it. So much so, that I want to setup a coffee shop or a bar, I would even go as far as to say I would go in to partnership with some who feels the same and woulded mind starting from the ground up with me.

I do run my own my web design biz back here in the uk but I dont think its some thing that could make me a living out in spain.

If anyone can help or just wants to chat, please feel free.


Kind regards to all,


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  • staciana alfonso

    the unenployment rate is much higher than that now.......

    Aufgegeben von  staciana alfonso in Gran Canaria Forum  

    well patrick,
    i have lived here for 13 years and i been looking for a job for 6 months now and i speak 4 languages including spanish.........
    my advice to you would be to set up on one of the other islands like .....tenerife,fuertaventura,o lanzarote.
    la palmas is deAD..............BEEN TOLD TENERIFE IS QUITE BUSY I GOING THERE NEXT WEEK.........
    more jobs there wich means more tourists...fuertaventura is also a popular place now.......many germans but there the ones with the money........any other advice i can help with would be a pleasure...
    i not trying to burst your bubble i just telling it as it is..........like i said i lived here now for 13 years i know the island very well from north to south. seems the mod thing here at present is cocktail bars .........
    ok sweety good luck .........an think hard ..xxstaciana

  • W. W.

    Aufgegeben von  in Gran Canaria Forum  

    At a unemployment rate of 27 % it is really highly unlikely, to find employment on the Canaries and Gran Canaria.

    About the only realistic way to make Your living on the Canaries is, if You can invest some money and start Your own biz. There are still many opportunities around. However, web-design would really not pay off unless you have clients in Europe. The local market is very limited.

    Saludos de Gran Canaria

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