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Moving to Barcelona

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Hi, Thinking about moving to Barcelona. Please everyone share your thoughts with me on how it is from your own experience, Want to know everything!!!!Thanks guys.

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    How is it now

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    Hey anait. How is it now? Do you already know some places and people? I was sondering maybe you know now someone who's offering a appartement or sonething since I am moving to Malgrat de Mar in 19 March till 20 June.

    Best Regards

    Hesmat Omar.

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    Barcelona life

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    Hi! you may choose some of these beautiful districts Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera to live. Barcelona is a God-blessed place. you can also find an apartment here http://lodgingapartments.com/. Welcome to Barcelona

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    I have good idea how to spend time here. I and my boyfriend recently rode scooter in Barca. It was amazing! you can try it by yourself http://vesping.com/

  • manu la

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    Me alegro que te guste la ciudad.

  • Brian McLean

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    Hi Anait,

    Should you need any help or just want a chat and a coffee, you can get in touch with me on:


    or you can find me on FB (Brian McLean)

    Enjoy yourself.

  • Anait Arutiunuan

    Hi Brian

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    Dreams do come true))) I am finally here) Love it so much!!!! The process of getting the visa in Moscow was an absolute nightmare. But it is worth it!!!

  • Brian McLean

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    Hi from Barcelona.

    Don't think about it! Just do it!

    I have been living here for many years and the place is fantastic: Sun & Sea, in Winter you can be skiing in 2 hours from the city. Costa Brava is 90 minutes awy, beside having reasonably good beaches in the city itself.

    Food and nightlife are excellent.


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