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    I forgot to ask, but I assume your boyfriend is british. Not that it makes any difference to me, it's just curiosity on my part. I'm a nosey bugger!

    I would also like to reiterate my assurances as far as Catalan is concerned: your son will find a great deal of support from the school system, the scholl and staff themselves and classmates to make his intergration a easy as possible.

    I really would like to explain things personally both to your boyfriend and yourself about the realities of living and integrating in Catalunya. I often feel that my short posts may give the impression that I and the Catalans are intolerant of immigrants. That is very far from the truth, but the Catalans do expect a minimum of effort and goodwill.


    First Catalan lesson: "Petonets" are, literally, "little kisses" and is an affectionate greeting between acquaintances with whom you do not have a relationship which would merit "petons".

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