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Moving to Madrid With My Dog..is it a dog friendly city?

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to land a job in Madrid in the near future and I've heard amazing things about the city. I have a dog that I would need to bring with me. I've looked into the permits/transport/vaccinations, etc., but I was just wondering how dog friendly of a city is Madrid. Are there off-leash dog parks? Can dogs go anywhere in the city? Are they allowed on public transport at all? Do most apartments allow dogs? How do Spaniards/Madrilenos feel about dogs in general? Will I be able to find a place to live with other people if I have a dog? Etc... Any info would be greatly appreciated.


- Trevor

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    As a dog owner you´ll be welcomed by the almost carpeted with dog-poop pavements of Madrid.
    Alongside the ever-worsening trash on the streets,scrawls on every building and ads pasted on every piece of street furniture,flyers stuck to windscreens the famous game of walking along the pavement avoiding the cracks has been replaced by avoiding dog-sh*t

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    Hi Trevor,
    I just moved from Toronto to Madrid with my two dogs (chihuahuas). I had no problems bringing them in here in regards to vaccinations and permits. Lots of people in Madrid have dogs, however not evetyone is very responsible about it. People don´t pick up after their pets and the streets are fulll of ...you know. As for parks it really depends where you live. there are small parks all over. I don´t think there are many official off-leash areas as people actually walk their dogs off leash all over. So far all the dogs I encounter during my walks are nice dogs. No problems so far. I did not have a problem finding a place to live but once again this may depend in the kind of dog, area of the city, etc. There are small mountains and outdoor places you can go with your dog outside Madrid but you will need a car. As for public transport, you are not allowed to bring your pet unless it fits into a pet carrier. As for stores and restaurants, not very friendly. You cannot bring your dog anywhere but the street and parks. Patios, I am not sure yet as it is still "winter" here. Good quality dog food can be ordered online and it works really well.
    If you have any more questions let me know, I am quite new in the city but I´ll try to help.

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