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I've just been really grateful to a tip given to me about a school in the Italy forum, so felt I should return the favour in some kind of karma. I have taught in Valencia this year in a few language centres and schools and have heard the WORST things about Iale/Elians bilingual school. They go through teachers every few months, no British teacher has stayed for a full contract, you don't get sick pay (in fact, get deducted more than a day's pay for each day sick and still have to get a medical certificate), have regular weekend meetings, expected to do their summer camp during the holidays, have no PPA time, have to do duties every day, and the headteacher is on a complete power trip. She expects children to be silent and doesn't even allow teachers to have bottles of water because it's unprofessional. When you factor in that they will not pay for your translation fees and will shaft you for summer holiday pay by ending your contract in June, it's dud pay too. You're basically just there to give a pound of flesh and keep the reputation of the school (there is a lot of grade fixing to keep parents happy). I've even heard a rumour that some staff take bets on how long a British teacher will last!
Having said that - could be a good career break if you don't mind long hours and can tune out a bit. The actual quality of teaching is never going to be a problem, you can just turn up and roll out of a textbook. The hours are long but it's easy. Just pretend you're working in a factory and it's about right. Brilliant if you can switch off (and booze is so cheap here that you could just become an alcoholic). If you're a summer camp veteran looking to make a move to teaching, this could be OK. There really are better schools to work at in Valencia though if you've got the skills.
I must stress that all this is just rumour, but I haven't seen anyone else make it public and I've heard it often enough to believe it. I don't know anyone who has taught there particularly well (they never have any free time), so maybe someone can confirm or deny.

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  • edward burton

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    Hello to everybody,

    I have some friends working in Cambridge school community collegue and they are quite happy. i dont know about other schools work environment.

    i have studied in El plantio and the teachers seemed to have very good relationship between them. the english headmaster is very good person.

    Anyway, as far as i know the private academies seems to be the best choice to you guys as long as you only want the job for a short term (or not considering mortgages). On the other hand the private schools (plantio, cambridge, caxton...) have very good contracts in a legal point opf view ( social security, 100% salary declared...)

    Anyway.. it´s just my opinion and impression as a spanish person of what i have heard of other british people and might not be right.


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    I have been looking at this forum for a while as I have been interested in taking the plunge to teach in an international school. I have an interview soon for a post at Elian's and was wandering if people can help me with a few questions.

    1. How many people do they normally interview for each post at the school?
    2.What does the interview process entail, what kind of questions can I expect and is it just an interview and observation?
    3.What are the prospects of staying for a long time, if I make the move I will be looking to stay for a long time as my wife and son will also move.
    4. Where would people recommend living in the area?

    Thanks for your help, I have found the thread very interesting and informative and I am still up for the challenge!!

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    Hello again.

    Just thought I would update my comments from before, We are now coming up to the Easter holidays with a full contingent of English staff who have not only stayed for the whole year, but are all keen to continue into next year. I think that this is a first for the school and should be seen as a reflection of all the hard work that we have put in.

    The directors have fulfilled every one of the promises that they made last year. The English department has far more resources, more freedom and creativity. We have taken part in a few proper CPD opportunities this year and we are constantly looking for ways to continue to improve next year.

    There is still some way to go in improving the school, but each little step makes a huge difference. We are currently advertising for positions, however this is not due to anyone leaving but rather to expansion of the school. I would urge anyone who is hardworking, committed and enthusiastic to consider applying for a job at Iale Elians.

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    I have worked with this company at a different campus, nothing will ever change.
    I was promised things would change in order for me to return.
    The only thing to change was I was given a lot more responsibility, it became very stressful .

    I never got any support from the management who would do anything for the directors.
    I would take a job there if nothing else was availale,

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    I agree with Gabriel, Bex makes some good points and I can believe that they are making efforts to improve, and that some things have changed. Some of the problems they have are a result of where they are (family nepotism was a good summary), but the expat teacher needs to be aware of this. Maybe it will put them off Iale, maybe it will put them off the whole private sector in Spain, but it's about information. The reason I started this thread was because I had seen how the management had a chew them up and spit them out attitude to foreign staff, and lost some staff who were doing very well just because the school was too demanding and did not offer any support. I don't think this thread would discourage anyone who would find themselves happy at Iale, but it just might save a few people from rushing into a bad decision. Ultimately that has to benefit the school too with lower turnover. If you're looking for a nice escape from the rigours of teaching in the UK, forget it. And if you want career advancement but aren't bilingual and willing to suck up, then forget that too. And job security can be on the whim of individuals. I'm sure there are plenty of worse places to work - they probably have their own threads too.

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    As a current employee of Iale school I feel that I should comment on the points made above. I am a British teacher and I have not only stayed for my full contract, but I will be returning next year. With regards to Brit Teacher above: we do get sick pay, you are meant to bring in a medical certificate (as with all schools in Spain as I understand it), however you are still paid if you do not bring one in. We have the occasional weekend meeting, I think I have attended 4 this year. These are for the Christmas and Summer fairs, the children's holy communion etc. not that different to in the UK. We are expected to work the summer camp in the month of July, again as is the usual in schools in this area. This coming year we will get a minimum of 5 PPA sessions a week. We do have to do a duty each day, but seeing as the lunch hour is over an hour and a half long, you still get a minimum of 45 minutes for lunch.
    The quality of teaching has been low in the past, but this coming year that will change. We will be taking part in the Power of Reading project, an exciting way to teach Literacy through Literature, with trainers coming from the UK to ensure that everyone is fully able to teach this. While resources have been inadequate in the past, this year a lot of money has been spent on raising the standard, and I have always been able to teach fun, inspiring lessons.
    I think that you have to take all the things written in the previous posts with a pince of salt. Working in a school in Valencia is never going to be the same as working in the UK. The vast majority of private schools here are profit making organisations, often run by a family with high levels of nepotism. Many schools in the area value money making over education and are poorly managed. That said, I do not believe that Iale compares unfavourably with other schools in the area. I have been very disappointed to see that people who had accepted a position have withdrawn it due to the things written on this forum. I know that everyone has a right to voice their opinion, but it would have been nice to have been approached myself and given a chance to address their concerns. The Directors know the problems that they have with native English staff and they are honestly trying to improve. I have been given that responsibility and I hope that in the near future we will see some positive things being written here about working at Iale.

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    Hi there
    I just want to thank everyone who posted advice re: Elians I was about to have an interview with them but I've cancelled it after reading this. I already have a contract set up for Sept - June 2011/12 but I just wanted to see what they could offer me but to be honest from what i've read i'd prefer not to waste my time :)


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    I think the info you have here is actually better than most schools based on other forums I've seen. If you've taught in Thailand then you'll be familiar with the "them and us" and that the photos are more important than anything else. Having taught in a few more schools outside of Britain (and seen the increasing 'pound of flesh' mentality in the UK), I don't think Iale is exceptionally evil, just egocentric.
    It's stressful and the hours are long, and many of the children are typically indulged brats who take a lot of behaviour management. Nobody seems to have their own classroom either which makes resourcing difficult, you can't just buy all the stuff the school won't give you and set up your own enclave of learning.
    I think if you approach this with the attitude you needed in Thailand (I'm a white face, even if I cut every corner nobody will really notice or care as long as I do the hours), then you should be fine. And as Stella pointed out, even though it is an employers market at the moment, well-qualified staff are still in short supply and any language school will happily take you. I'd recommend the British School in Puzol if you decide you need a change. There was another international in Castellon de la Plena which I heard good things about from staff but I can't remember the name.
    Good luck!

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    thak you so much for getting back to me and giving me some advice. I agree that teaching is different in other countries - I taught in thailand before - its just that the information above wasnt very favourable! But this time i'm taking my family with me, we havent arrived yet, so I want to try and get as much info as possible to be prepared. thats great though, thank you

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    Hi all,
    I've just got a job at IALE school in Valencia and as you can imagine i'm a little bit worried about your posts! is there any more info you can give me as i'm seriously reconsidering!
    cheers for your help

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